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Integrating Zakeke with your Platforms


  1. Overview

  2. Zakeke Integration Walkthrough

  3. Difference Between Customizer and Configurator

  4. Getting Started

1. Overview

Welcome to the Integration section of Zakeke's API documentation, where we delve into the details of seamlessly incorporating Zakeke into your systems. This section is designed to guide you through the process of achieving a comprehensive integration, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaboration between Zakeke and your platform.

Please note: if you are leveraging Zakeke's plugins for ready-to-use integrations, and your ecommerce platform is one of the platforms supported via our pre-built plugins (see full list here). You may not need to go through the detailed integration steps outlined in this section. These platforms are designed to seamlessly work with Zakeke, providing you with a hassle-free integration experience.

Please note 2: If your intention is solely to utilize the 3D&AR Viewer, no integration is required. Simply create an account with Zakeke, select the 3D&AR Viewer as your preferred tool, upload your 3D models, and generate the link or iframe URL. Afterward, seamlessly embed these elements on your website wherever needed. No integration with Zakeke or API processes required!

2. Zakeke Integration Walkthrough

This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to fully integrate Zakeke with your systems. Achieving a comprehensive integration with Zakeke involves addressing specific components. A full integration encompasses:

  • Connecting Your Product Catalog

    Establish communication for Zakeke to receive and process the list of products in your ecommerce and make them available for customization.

  • Embed and Launching Zakeke’s UI

    Integrate Zakeke's interactive features seamlessly into your platform using an iFrame. This allows your customers to engage with Zakeke's user interface, enabling them to personalize products before proceeding with the purchase.

  • Cart Integration

    Facilitate the seamless addition of customized products to the shopping cart directly from the Zakeke environment. Zakeke goes beyond simple integration by generating thumbnails of personalized products, offering a visual representation of customizations. Additionally, Zakeke provides the updated price of the customized product, optionally incorporating any pricing rules associated with the specific customization.

  • Order Placement with Production-Ready Files Generation

    Implement functionality to place orders, crucial for triggering the generation of production-ready files. Recording an order within Zakeke is essential, as it serves as an internal order specific to customization aspects. This order, distinct from the ecommerce order, is vital for capturing personalized details and ensuring the generation of production-ready files. It supplements the ecommerce order, focusing solely on the customization aspects and plays a pivotal role in delivering a seamless and comprehensive order fulfillment process.

Upon completion of the integration process, you gain access to Zakeke's no-code back-office. This back-office empowers you to effortlessly manage and customize all platform functions. From product configurations to pricing rules and beyond, the intuitive interface of Zakeke's back-office ensures that you have full control, allowing you to tailor the platform to your specific needs with ease.

3. Difference Between Customizer and Configurator

Zakeke offers a versatile platform for product personalization, providing different solutions based on your goals. Whether you aim for 3D/AR visualization or in-depth customization options, Zakeke has you covered.

Important note #1: If your goal is "only" 3D/AR visualization for your product, you need to use our 3D/AR Viewer solution and no integration is required. Simply create a Zakeke account, choose the 3D/AR Viewer solution, upload your 3D models, and generate links or iframe codes for your website.

Visual Product Customizer:

The Visual Product Customizer is the tool you should use if your product is customizable with added artwork. This means you want to empower your customers to incorporate their own unique elements, such as texts, images, or distinct designs. Whether it's editing pre-designed artwork onto a product, this tool is the perfect fit.

This solution is especially designed for businesses in the web-to-print, engraving, or embroidery decoration industries. The Visual Product Customizer not only facilitates seamless customization but also generates print-ready file for your business. For a practical example, take a look at a demo here.

3D Product Configurator:

Focused on customizable made-to-order products, this tool allows customers to personalize attributes like colors, materials, and components. It is suitable for items like shoes, furniture, cars and any other product that can be on-demand manufactured. The output is a list of customizable options for the merchant to produce the custom product. For a practical example, take a look at this demo.

Important Note #2: when selecting a solution, base your choice on your specific needs rather than the technology. Both solutions offer 3D capabilities, with the Visual Product Customizer providing it as an optional feature and the 3D Product Configurator having it as its base technology.

4. Getting Started

Before diving into the details, ensure you have covered the fundamentals outlined in the "Authentication and Authorization" section. This ensures a secure and reliable connection between Zakeke and your systems. Once authenticated, follow the guidelines provided in this section to achieve a seamless integration experience. Let's embark on the journey of integration together. Explore the possibilities, customize your workflow, and elevate your business with Zakeke APIs.